Artist Statement

Intuitive Subject Selection

Selecting subjects for my artwork is an intuitive journey deeply connected to my subconscious. This intuition leads me to paint a variety of subjects. Often, I'm driven by a sense of unfinished business, drawing inspiration from childhood memories where experiences remain vivid, even if faces fade into obscurity. Capturing these moments, especially in my Indian subjects, becomes a creative quest.

Exploring Emotions

During moments of darker emotions, I turn to art as a cathartic outlet, embarking on a journey of emotional exploration. My work becomes a tapestry woven with unfinished desires and the echoes of past accomplishments. It's not a particular subject that inspires me, but rather a collection of tales and memories, spanning both the past and the present.

Art as a Healing Tool

Consistently, my artistic journey has revealed the healing power of painting. It compels me to confront my emotions directly, guiding me through my inner landscape with every brushstroke and color choice. In this process, I find solace and resolution, making art a profound tool for healing.

Creative Process in the Studio

My creative process thrives amidst the backdrop of loud music, ranging from Ray Charles to Indian ghazals, even Pink Floyd when I delve into the depths of my emotions.

I gather material for my paintings through keen observation and a strong memory, jotting down details when I'm out and about. I use photos as references in my studio. After completing a painting, I leave it on the easel for hours to days, ensuring final details align with both my heart and mind. Throughout this process, I maintain a loose approach, inviting viewers to discover their own meaning in my work. Creating illusions through subtle indications is a challenging yet intuitive aspect of my artistic journey.